Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Four C's

Throughout my time in the business world 4-5 years, I was hired and saw people hired because they had the following qualities: 1) Critical thinking skills 2) Creativity 3) Collaboration 4) Communication skills

I tell my students everyday that I want them to understand the importance of these four elements. Everything I do in the classroom somehow relates to one of the four C's. Of course, there are other key elements employers look for, but I feel these are very important.

I personally want my students to be able to talk to an adult and explain their point of view. I want my students to be problem solvers. I want my students to be able to work with others. I want my students to be creative. None of these skills are tested on any high stakes test. So the question is: Do we want our students to be awesome at filling in bubbles on tests, or do we want our students competitive in the global market?