Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Book Press Release

New Book by Local Author Focuses on Change in the Classroom

Contact Information:
Jeremy Rinkel

Effingham, IL – Two University of Illinois online graduate students, Jeremy Rinkel and Majhon Phillips, have co-authored a book that focuses on America's changing classroom. One interesting fact… they have never met in person and the book was put together over various online meetings throughout the past year. “Our belief is that education in the U.S. needs not only to be evaluated, but also desperately needs reform. We are concerned that as a country, our students are not ready for the global world. Our goal is to educate and recruit teachers to help transform education and to make sure our students are adequately prepared for the globalized world.”

The book, Classroom Remixed: Incorporating Technology in the Globalized Classroom offers an overview of America’s classroom in the early 21st century. It introduces tools that can benefit teachers, tools that can help students, and an introduction into the world of the current student population. This book can be an aid to classroom teachers, mentors, parents, and students alike. Rinkel and Phillips aim to bridge the gap between the native digital generation and those who work with them. The book can be a handbook that will leave readers feeling inspired and excited about their own work with young people and how they can incorporate technology and globalization into their own lives and careers.

Rinkel is currently teaching English at South Central High School in Farina, IL. Phillips teaches music and is the president of Globalize Our Generation, Inc ( The website to accompany the book is