Monday, January 12, 2009

Dreamer v.s. Visionary

As I was reading the book Visioneering by Andy Stanley, I focused on the part of the chapter that compared the terms "Dreamer" and "Visionary". I have always been a huge dreamer, but after reading the book, I believe I'm a "visionary". The major difference between a dreamer and a visionary is ACTION. I can sit in my chair all day and think about making the world a better place, but unless I act on it, I'm just a dreamer. In December of 1955, at the age of 26, Martin Luther King Jr. became involved and began his stance for civil rights during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. His work in Montgomery and his dream and desire became ACTION, making him a Visionary. His leadership changed history for millions of people. YOU have that ability and opportunity everyday. Transform your dreams into visions through ACTION...and you may change the world.

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